Family Lore Confirmed!

Ever since I joined my mother in researching the Cannon portion of our family history, we've hit one roadblock after another. The only tangible proof of my 2nd great grandfather's existence is a marriage record and only one census record. I will be creating a blog post eventually about this brick wall situation. Family Lore … Continue reading Family Lore Confirmed!


A Sensational 1892 Divorce Part II

If you haven't read Part I, click here. I'd HIGHLY suggest you do this first, before reading Part II, otherwise you will be CONFUSED. Recap of Part I Timeline of Events December 1887: George W. Cannon and Emma Connell marries November 1891: Emma Connell Cannon files for divorce February 1892: Deposition of Rebecca Connell (Emma's … Continue reading A Sensational 1892 Divorce Part II

A Sensational 1892 Divorce Part I

In the early parts of 2018, I found a new resource, World Cat, which in-turn brought me to pages and pages of non-searchable Microfilm available at FamilySearch. After spending weeks of searching through birth and death cards, will and probate, and other random Tallapoosa County, Alabama documents, I hit some SERIOUS paydirt. Chancery Court Divorce … Continue reading A Sensational 1892 Divorce Part I

How To Brace Yourselves for Shocking Discoveries

Researching your family history (or any history) has a tendency to send us on a whirlwind of emotions. Sometimes elation and excitement, other times disappointment or even shock. Today, I will be walking you through various steps you can take to protect yourself and feel better about not-so-pleasant discoveries. Also, I want to prepare you … Continue reading How To Brace Yourselves for Shocking Discoveries

2019 New Year’s Resolutions

Organise BetterI need to keep all of my research files in one place. Since I changed jobs, I had to email all of my previous files to myself, which is a pain to download and sort into folders. I'm thinking I should invest in a USB thumb drive.Make Frequent Visits to Courthouses and LibrariesThis past … Continue reading 2019 New Year’s Resolutions